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Politic of Dishing money


Politic of Dishing money


The election fever is progressively increasing in every Kenyan mind. The Politicians are positioning themselves for the election while the voters are readying themselves for the windfall that comes with it.

Unfortunately, Kenyan Voters often fall prey to the Profligate Politicians. The dishing out of money, the extravagance and the celebrity lifestyles of many Politicians are too tempting to resist.

In many areas, it has become the norm that to win an election be it at the Local, Parliamentary, Gubernatorial or Senatorial level, there must be use of lots of cash to dish out.  The throats of young and middle aged men must also become well watered with intoxications. Variations also occur when groups receive gifts such as motorbikes, bus stop sheds, clothes, tents, chairs and free rides by the Politicians who own PSV Vehicles.

However, after the election, the goddies flow gets extinguished and when all is calm, the same recipients of freeebies begin to lament about  vices such as Corruption, Lack of infrastructure, Lack of proper policies, Lack of Proper Laws , misconduct  amongst leaders  and a general lack of Constitutionalism.

It is a no brainer that the kind of leadership we elect determines the quality of output they deliver. The Principle of garbage in- garbage out cannot be more appropriate to describe the scenario.

In selecting good leaders, Kenyans must cease being naive. They must be able to differentiate between benevolence and Charity on one hand and bribery and similar acts of undue influence on the other hand. The leaders elected on the platform of purported generosity in money must naturally recoup their investments from the Public Kitty or by engagements in prohibited business like narcotics, counterfeits and tax evasion.

If we are to achieve progress, the entire electorate must appreciate the Key Characteristics of a good Political Leader. The first and perhaps the most important is honesty. In this regard, we must select a person who has built a reputation and character over the years that we can trust.

The second quality is Compassion; our leaders must be able to understand the suffering of others and endeavor to uplift them from their state.

The third characteristic in Integrity. This means that a suitable candidate must be able to demonstrate some adherence to moral and ethical principles.




Fourthly, the leader must exhibit Confidence. He must be able to believe in himself in order to lead others.

Finally, a good leader must be Flexible. He must have the ability to give and take as well as the ability to listen to others, to compromise and to change when he realizes he is wrong.

If our legislators at the National and Local level are subjected to this measure of characteristics, our Nation would finally have an appropriate trajectory.



Guandaru Thuita

Advocates and Political Scientist

[email protected]