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Politics (1)


Politics (1)


Recently, it is apparent in the Kenyan Political scene that there is a gradual increase in speeches and activities that divide us rather that unite us.

These activities and speeches cannot be attributed to any one single player but rather to almost all political actors.

A significant amount of murmurs have been heard to the effect that only 2 communities have been benefiting from government appointments and tenders. Discontentment has also arisen from the perspective that the appointments have also not been done on merit but on the basis of political patronage, nepotism and recycling of rejected politicians in an endeavor to influence electoral patterns.

Any opposition and challenge depending on where it has occurred has been countered by an iron fist reaction. In Parliament, the tyranny of numbers has been so far successful in muzzling the weaker side. Outside Parliament, opponents have been arrested; taken to courts; their businesses closed down; their security detail either withdrawn or reduced and being snubbed generally.

Appearance of such high handedness from the establishment has of course not gone down well with the victims and their massive supporters.

On their part, those not in Government have not been left behind in playing the divisive cards. They continue to hold rallies and attend funerals particularly in their tribal backyards where they spew insults and words of hatred against those not in their camp.

Even when attending a solemn occasion such as the State of the Nation address by the President, the ODM brigade in an obvious  disrespect not only to the institution of the Presidency but also to the occasion blew whistles annoyingly and called Press Conferences in which  National Unity did not have any space to be preached.

After failing to garner the requisite number that would have facilitated a referendum christened Okoa Kenya, the CORD brigade seems to have settled that their number 1 enemy is the IEBC. However, instead of adopting the constitutionally accepted methods of reacting such as moving to Court to challenge the IEBC decision or to file a Petition in Parliament for the removal of Commissioners, they decided to storm the IEBC offices and physically eject the Commissioners. They also called for a weekly ritual countrywide of storming IEBC offices until the Commissioners resign.

Predictably the demonstrations have been characterized by violence, tear gas and use of weaponry.

The IEBC though deserving to be shielded from such heated activities cannot be said to be an innocent player either. The involvement of 2 commissioners and numerous members of staff in the chicken scandal is a terrible blot on its integrity. It’s apparent that lack of inclusiveness in the lead up to the receipt of the CORD signatures does not make it appear as a pro- active and bonafide referee.

All these actions and reactions are what are sowing the seeds of discord in our nation. Our nation is far from healed as regards the post-election violence. In fact, the build up of tension since the proceedings in the Presidential Election Petition at the Supreme Court has been rising thus making the Country very ripe for disorder. A small spark may now re- awaken the cooled down angers.

Activities such as nationwide demonstrations in IEBC offices and tear gassing of demonstrators may as well just serve as this spark.

The politics of exclusions; the winner take it all attitude; the Politics of disrespect; the creation of rebellion and the preaching of disharmony are tantamount to sowing seeds of discord.

Even the Bible shuns such. In Proverbs 6:16-19, the Lord makes it clear that he hates “…one who sows discord amongst brothers”. In Mathew 5:9, it is stated that “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called Children of God”.

In the build up to the 2017 elections, we should all of us as right thinking persons shun all activities that sow disharmony. That way we shall be guaranteed peace but otherwise, we shall be on a path to destruction.


Guandaru Thuita,

Advocate and Political Commentator,

[email protected]